Ever wondered what the beer vendors do with their empty kegs?
We did. Is there some secret keg rave party we aren't invited to? The answer is more benign. Most kegs are single or multiple usage, so in their afterlife they find their peace in a landfill and if they're really lucky, they become a planter! Come on, there's got to be another use for all that plastic! We found that our friends at Keykeg felt the same way.

Ok, ready to wrap your head around this?
They ingeniously came up with a lightweight; well designed; double wall bag-in-ball keg that is environment friendly and uses over 50% recycled PET.

What does this mean for us? Simple.
There is a separation between the outer body of the keg and the bag that holds the good stuff. So, with the nice shell secondary usage of the keg is much wider. Need stools, chairs? Need to store water in clean containers? Want to give the container in a drought prone area for them to store water?

The usage suddenly becomes.... well, its up to you!

In doing our part, we are offering the following:

or Cushion to sit comfortably.

MSRP: Rs.585/-
Delivery: Courier/Post

or table top to place your chilled beer.

MSRP: Rs.1,014/-
Delivery: Courier/Post

Happy Head Glasses- Set of 6 will add class to your collection of serveware.

MSRP: Rs.794/-
Delivery: Courier/Post

Happy Head Bar Mats specially designed to protect surface where beer placed.

MSRP: Rs.382/-
Delivery: Courier/Post

Beer Butt - or kegs with cushion top to sit comfortably

MSRP: Rs.2,288/-
Delivery: Courier/Post

Beer Head - or keg with a table top to place your chilled beer.

MSRP: Rs.2,717/-
Delivery: Courier/Post